Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time to be real. Sorry and I will catch up soon.

Sorry to those who took part in the NZmugswap. I know i promised a post roundup. I will get to to it asap.

To those I am taking part in craft swaps with. I am sorry. I have things half finished or ready to post and I have not taken that final step.

I am going to be totally real for a minute here and say life has been kicking my ass.
I have been niggling with my IH stuff for almost a month now. Not getting sick enough to require hospital intervention. But not well enough to be full steam ahead.

My kids all do kapa haka for their school. I somehow ended up helping with the junior group this year. Which is kinda laughable because I know nothing about kapa haka other than I enjoy watching my kids perform it. But I am learning and I am sure next year I will be more helpful that I was this year and so on and so forth. Is there a kapa haka for dummies book? I probably need it.

But anyways. The groups had their big comp last week and it was fabulous. But in the lead up to that kapa haka took over our home. It was great I actually truly enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would.

But with already feeling less than great. Plus kapa haka awesomeness... I kinda of dropped all the other balls I was juggling. I knew I was dropping them. I just chose not to care.

Now of course after all the dust has settled I am still unwell. My house is less than great. I have craft things that need sent. I have posts I need to write. And I feel guilty... I know I have let people down and that is something I truly hate.

The last few days I have been thinking about the choices we all make. The priorities we set.
About my spoons (if you have not heard of the spoon theory watch THIS).
About my goal of a simpler more intentional life.

As I catch up this week I will be making choices and setting my priorities again.

So to those who are waiting for me to post things I apologize greatly.
I know I always get a bit frantic at the end but I am not usually this bad.
I will have things all sent off hopefully by the middle of the week.

I will aim to have a roundup post for the mugswap done in the next day or two.

What I find amusing among all this is despite how horrible at times I have felt. I have had some of the happiest times in the last month. The pride in the kids who worked so hard. The joy in getting to know many of these kids better. Getting to work with other parents and teachers. It was all really wonderful. I am so grateful for the experience.

Even in hard times there are good times.

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Vintage Bird Girl said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. You have so much going on, & trying to manage your health is the top priority. I love the spoons theory. I suffer from M.E & I'm always having to make decisions on how I spend my spoons. Take care, Leisa. Xx